We Buy Any Car Sofas

We were approached in November 2014 by a TV Production company from Manchester to upholster five bespoke ‘car sofa’ replicas of the We Buy Any Car cars, for renowned car buying company; We Buy Any Car.

Meetings were arranged with the production company to discuss the project and its requirements; they desired a style based on designer Roche Bobois’ ‘rounded’ furniture. A TV set design company were contacted to manufacture the bases and the frames for the sofas; which would then be sent over to us for the upholstery work. We looked endlessly at the drawings to figure out the best way of achieving the specific desired style. Using foam to cover the wooden frames helped us accomplish the ‘rounded’ design, which we were then able to upholster.

Once all upholstery work was complete, they were taken back to the production company where they started filming for adverts that were going to be on our TV’s at the end of 2014.

The sofas were back in our workshop in November 2015 for additional upholstery modifications for new TV adverts which will be showcased from January 2016.

Working with the production company and being able to see our work on National television has been a great achievement for us, and we’re looking forward to hopefully working with them again in the future.

Take a look at the Andrew Lees upholstered We Buy Any Car sofa featured in this advert:


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