Bespoke Fixed Seating Areas for Rental Cars’ Head Office

We were approached by a local shop fitting company to upholster two seating areas for car rental company, Rental Cars’ Head Office. The architect desired specific styles for the fixed seating, along with a contrasting fabric specification.

The two seating areas were done in two phases.

• Phase 1 was for a large waiting area and consisted of seat tops upholstered in a Lime Green Wool.

• Phase 2 was a bespoke fixed seating area designed to look like classic/ vintage car seats. The original colour for the seating was out of stock and was due back after the handover date, so other colours were chosen; this reduced our timescale of completing the job. This phase took a lot of thought and preparation, as the stitching lines and joints had to match with the seat and the back.

The job was completed on time and was taken to its location to be installed and given its finishing touches.


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