Seating Reupholstery at The Hilton Hotel Manchester

The Hilton Hotel MCR is on the famous Deansgate stretch has been a repeat customer of ours recently, as we have completed various jobs throughout the hotel.


The first job to be completed was to re-upholster some of the seating for the Podium restaurant. It was to be re-upholstered in a similar material to match the existing seating. We have since re-upholstered more seating for the restaurant. As the restaurant is busy and is always being used, the re-upholstery has to be completed and fitted with a quick turnaround.

The second job was one of the biggest we have done for the hotel, and that was to refurbish some of the furniture in their Suites. Each suite had a Sofa, Chairs and Dining Chairs – so we re-furbished each suite at a time, re-upholstering the existing furniture.

We are still doing work for the hotel as and when it is needed and also pricing for upholstery work for future jobs.


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